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Become A Real Estate Private Money Lender – A Safer, Reliable Alternative To The Stock Market!

Would You Like Returns of 12-15% Or More And Make Money Just Like Banks Lenders Do?

If you’re a frustrated investor looking for a safer alternative to traditional investing in today’s market get our free report! You’ll discover how to maximize the potential of your existing capital while being in total control of your investing.

If you’re not consistently getting 12-15% or more (at least 3 to 5 times the five year average CD rates, go to www.BankRate.com) return on your current investments such as your IRA, Savings Account, or other investments, Woot Investments would like to show you a safer more profitable way to invest in today’s market. (Especially in today’s market.)

If you have funds to invest but know that the stock market and other traditional investments are not a smart decision right now, consider the world of private money mortgage lending as a safer investment tool.

Private mortgage lending offers a much higher rate of return, from 12-15% and is backed by a tangible asset — real estate. The best part is you make the rules when it comes to terms and interest, so you have control over how your money is being invested.

Private Lender Program Payments
1. Long Term – We make annual payments of 12% simple interest.
2. Frequent Term – We will make quarterly payments if you like a quarterly income.
3. Per Project Term – The interest accrues until the house is sold and you get (1) check for principle and interest.

We are a team of experienced real estate investors currently seeking private lenders to help fund fix and flip (rehab) deals. If you’re interested in learning more about a safer alternative to traditional investing, we’d like to talk to you.  

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