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General Contractors WantedWoot Investments is looking for experienced Renovators and other skilled craftsmen. We are part of an established network of national residential re-development corporations — a full service real estate investment and redevelopment company specializing in residential, single family investment properties in all urban and suburban neighborhoods in the Colorado Springs/Denver and Kansas City markets.

The company’s vision is to improve the overall quality of living in urban neighborhoods and to increase the value of real estate in its target markets. Woot builds value by Rehabbing properties in significant need of repair as well as Wholesaling to trusted rehabbers. Woot Investments will continually grow by increasing the number of projects in its primary areas of business and by extending its geographic reach into additional housing markets throughout Colorado and the Kansas City metro area.

Short Term Goals and Achievements

Woot Investment’s short term goal is to aggressively expand its presence in the surrounding markets.  In the next year the goal is to process over 100 transaction in Colorado Springs/Denver and Kansas City area. Rehab budgets range from $20,000 to $250,000.

Long Term Goals

Woot Investment’s  long term goal is to grow its operations into multiple target markets around the country.  The company is planning to accomplish this goal by replicating the model used for its national success in operations.  In addition, the company’s natural progression is to pursue investment opportunities in commercial projects and apartment buildings.

Investment and Redevelopment Strategy

The Woot Investments  business strategy is to purchase blighted or undervalued single-family residential properties, wholesale or renovate them to a highly desirable condition, and sell to single family home buyers or investors.  Success of this business model is dependent on the speed and efficiency of the various components of the company:

  • Marketing success for Wholesale properties;
  • Speed and efficiency in the rehab process;
  • Quality of the workmanship;
  • Maintained worksite;
  • Speed and efficiency in the selling of properties;
  • Integrity of product delivered to the marketplace

In order to generate value, the company focuses on aggressive project management coupled with the use of professional, independent contractors and craftsmen to complete the renovations.  In addition, the company employs aggressive marketing tactics of pre-selling its properties during the wholesaling and rehab stage.   Successful execution of this strategy relies on the high quality of work performed by its contractors.

Community Vision

The company strives to increase homeownership opportunities within the communities we are re-developing.   We envision the quality of living to increase in re-developed communities through our quality renovation projects.

Goals with  Renovators

Woot Investments works hard to create positive and productive business relationship with affiliated businesses and renovation teams.  We strive to assist in the business development of our teams with a goal of mutual growth and continuing success.

The use of our construction system results in a more efficient process, superior product, and increased profit for the renovator. The partners we seek will demonstrate a consistent work ethic, satisfactory workmanship, maintained job sites, and a passion to achieve a high quality finished product.  The benefits for each renovator we affiliate with are:

  • Continuous, high dollar projects with standardized materials
  • Business development of the renovators company through our proven systems
  • A hassle free project due to Woot Investments’ organization and specific procedures regarding contracts, payment schedules, and spec sheets.
Renovators, feel free to leave us a message below and get a little FREE advertisement! Leave your name, your specialty, phone number, website URL and pictures if you like…WOOT! WOOT!

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