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House Hunters Kicking Off Shopping Season Early

house huntersHouse Hunters Kicking Off Shopping Season Early 

The winter months are often seen as a down time for the housing market as sellers and buyers tend to wait until the spring for the new year’s activity to begin in earnest, but given how strong the real estate industry has been in general over the last year, it seems many were unwilling to wait. February…

Is 2013 The Right Time To Buy A House?

Is 2013 the Right Time to Buy a House? (via Credit.com)

Have you noticed it yet? The growing murmur out there, getting louder every week, bubbling up in newspapers, on TV, and on news sites, and it’s telling you … to buy a house in 2013.OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there are definitely a lot of experts (and non-experts) suggesting…

Nasty Neighbors Can Lower Your Home Value 5-10%

Nasty Neighbors Can Lower Your Home Value 5-10% 

Have you ever lived next to a really annoying neighbor? I mean REALLY annoying, as in broken shutters and windows, junk and weeds in the yard, house badly needing a paint job, noisome smells, loud noises, vehicles always in the way…you get the picture. Perhaps more than once, you said to yourself…