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Goals with Renovators

Woot Investments works hard to create positive and productive business relationship with affiliated businesses and renovation teams.  We strive to assist in the business development of our renovation teams with a goal of mutual growth and continuing success.  The use of our construction system results in a more efficient process, superior product, and increased profit for the renovator.  A partner we seek to establish business with will demonstrate a consistent work ethic, satisfactory workmanship, maintained job sites, and a passion to achieve a high quality finished product.  The benefits for each contractor we affiliate with are:

  • Continuous, high dollar projects with standardized materials
  • Business development of the contractor’s company through our proven systems
  • A hassle free project due to Woot Investments organization and specific procedures regarding contracts, payment schedules, and spec sheets.

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  1. Licensed & Insured Remodeling ,Heating & Roofing Contractor.
    EPA Certified Lead Paint Renavator
    Specializing in Investor Remodels since 1993

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